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walkerlab is a strategy and communications team like no other.
We make the complex simple and we get it done.

We can help you to be more sustainable - for real.

Elevate your business with impactful hands-on sustainability advice based on circular economy principles, attention-grabbing partnerships and PR campaigns that will boost your CSR profile.


We also offer end-to-end audit, and holistic yet actionable strategies for your business supply chain or corporate events, with established specialist partners.


The walkerlab sustainability insights package will help you understand the challenges and opportunities for your organisation.


Building on our sustainability insights service, the walkerlab sustainability audit + action map will help you to be more sustainable with actionable advice and support to implement circular economy principles across key areas of your organisation over time.

For clients prepared to take sustainability seriously, the walkerlab sustainability deep dive and deep action plan is your only option, giving you the insights, the options and the accountability you need, paired with ongoing strategic counsel, to get you making big changes with confidence, and receiving appropriate recognition when you take concrete actions and lead on these actions with our help!

Ready to go on the journey?

Book a complimentary discovery session, receiving a tailored proposal relevant after we've considered what's possible. Get started by getting in touch with the walkerlab team today!

Want to know about circular to work out what's in it for you?
Start with a helicopter view of circular economy principles and then circle back - nice pun, hey? - for a circular chat in the lab when you're ready to start moving!

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