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walkerlab is a strategy and communications team like no other.
We make the complex simple and we get it done.

We advocate with purpose

We can lead or support bespoke public policy campaigns featuring creative, solution-focused, research-based initiatives with expert, hands-on execution.


Collaboration, partnership and coalition-building with authenticity is the walkerlab way. Our advocacy approach has been honed through unusually diverse experience across the public, private and community sectors, and we know how to get things done with trust-building government relations informed by serious public policy analysis, research and stakeholder mapping informing solutions that are win-win and based on partnership, coalition-building and making life better and easier.

A walkerlab public policy campaign will help you understand a new or ongoing challenge or opportunity and help you advocate for change or indeed a maintenance of the status quo.

Featured projects from our Founder:

  • Strategy to enable the speedy yet effective launch of Chinese-based new mobility startup, ofo, in Sydney and Adelaide during the peak of the international bike share rush.

  • National and State Government advocacy, research, and government and stakeholder engagement for the tourism and transport sectors, spotlighting opportunities for transport authorities, commercial transport operators, and new mobility startups like Uber and Beam Mobility to accelerate the evolution and decarbonisation of public transport, working with the Tourism and Transport Forum (TTF).

  • Coalition-building with environmental and social services NGOs, trade unions, faith-based organisations and more to drive ambitious climate change policy, as Co-Founder of the influential Canberra Loves 40% community campaign in Canberra which motivated the ACT Labor Government to legislate a nation-leading 40% reduction in the ACT's greenhouse emissions reductions targets on 1990 levels, with the ACT Liberals agreeing to a 30% target, both massive achievements at the time of the campaign!

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