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walkerlab is a strategy and communications team like no other.
We make the complex simple and we get it done.

Current opportunities

Are you a creative thinker, passionate about purpose-driven causes and projects, and enjoy collaborating to achieve impactful results?


Look below for current opportunities to work or partner with walkerlab, our clients and partners.

Current opportunities to work with walkerlab:


Current partnership opportunities via walkerlab:

  • Corporate PR partnership: 12 month partnership for a good news CSR and circular economy initiative getting kids riding free rescued and repaired bicycles in collaboration with Government partners.

  • Exclusive travel sector business development partnership of 3-12 months in a 3,000+ strong Australian backpacker travel community on social media, integrated with 20-40,000 follower Instagram travel influencers and travel media and blogs, with SEO backlinks available.


Why work or partner with us?

walkerlab is an award-winning strategy and communications team, with our freelancers and partners enabling us to deliver creative, impactful work tailored to our diverse, purpose-driven clients.

We are big on diversity and inclusion, embrace flexibility, champion neurodiversity, and lead in allyship, all of which are key foundations of our agile culture led by Scott, our Founder and Principal Consultant.


Collaboration is key and our agile culture is always evolving with the valued contributions and experiences of our team of freelancers and consultants, and partnerships with aligned organisations.


And, naturally, our clients love being spoilt for choice when comes to creative thinking and smart, hands-on execution.


Want to know more?

Please get in touch; you can email us via walkerlabcomms [at]

Thank you for your interest in walkerlab Strategy and Communications. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for faster moving job postings as well as updates on our work and new opportunities as they come.

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